Over the years this has come up and sure enough, once again I get to dawn my construction hat. I say that with complete sarcasm. Surprisingly I have been getting quite good at it. In the latest example I had installed a baby gate to a post at the bottom of the stairs. Turns out that when tightened just enough the drywall buckled on the front of the post.

These are the down and dirty steps.
I would suggest a drop cloth or something similar for any spatter. Take liberty with this since it is 'as needed'.
For example: I taped scrap paper around my work area on the wall to avoid splatter when texturing.

Tools Needed:

  • Putty knife (any size)
  • Spackle (Joint compound)
  • Orange Peel Drywall Texture
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush

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A couple weeks ago I made the jump to using a desktop finance application. Over the past 10+ years I had been using a spreadsheet. This method worked well but did have some drawbacks. The largest drawback was I could never account for something after it had happened. Given this is accounting, big issue. For example, my wife would buy something and a month later, question why she was down a certain amount in the budget. It was always a pain trying to backtrack. One of the benefits however was that I could forecast pretty easily. I had it set up like a ledger so that ledger was copied forward, twice. This let me see what my ending balance was three months out.

That was the rub. In MoneyWiz, and any other finance application, it was tough to get it to forecast. I finally figured it out with MoneyWiz. I had a few interactions with their support team as well. They were very responsive. The trick was to enter the complete budget and then enter that all over again as scheduled transactions. There is some nuance as I will now have to keep those in balance if I use them up before hand. Not the biggest deal, but still a pain.

Luckily I see on the roadmap they are going to beef up how they handle forecasting. Once that is done it will be even better.

I would highly suggest checking it out. It syncs between iPhone, iPad, and MacOS. All the usual online banking, etc. The reporting module is fun to work with. The basic reports are all there plus some other useful pre-built reports.

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Space Float

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Stacking Displays - Great In Theory, Bad In Practice

Last year I had the need for more desk space. I took a look at the possible options and decided to attempt stacking monitors. On the face of it this idea makes sense. You do gain a lot of real estate. I took the leap, giving it a good run. For the first six months I had Monitor A on top. After that time I decided to switch them around so Monitor A was on bottom. After 12 months I must admit defeat. The problems that crept up -

  • Needing to lean back to have direct line of site with the monitor in the top position. Not a huge deal but throughout the day you do not realize how often you do look at the monitors.
  • The mount itself positioned the monitor close to the front of the desk. Closer than I would have expected. If they had been back about four inches it would have helped a lot.
  • Not being able to get them both low enough. The perfect set up would have been to allow them both down about four to eight inches. Of course impossible with the desk in the way.

I took down the mount and am back where I started. Two monitors side by side. Not the worst thing in the world. At least I gave it a shot.

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Christmas Doodle

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